Albert Icestein-Update

Sounds from the ticking clock could be heard faintly in the background. Each tick suggested the obvious that time was not standing still. The intensity to accomplish something flowed like unsettling anxiety that causes difficulty with falling asleep at night. The more you focus on sleep, the more you keep looking at the clock. You say that if you get to sleep now, you’ll get at least four hours of shut-eye before waking up for work in the morning. Another two hours pass when you look at the clock again, and sleep never happens. No matter what the issue is, one thing for sure is that time is a motivator.

The past is also a period that we all can learn from to better ourselves. More than likely, you might’ve felt pressed for time to get things done and pressured yourself to beat the clock. You might’ve even used it wisely to learn new things.

Writing blog posts has been quiet because I have been learning new things about writing and self-publishing. So far, I’ve participated in online courses like Accounting Fundamentals I and II, Keys To Effective Editing, Introduction to InDesign CC, and Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book. There will be a few more courses that I will study to build my skills and hopefully help others succeed with their writing and publishing goals.
Over the past years, writing and self-publishing have been subjects I’ve learned about since 2014, mainly through how-to videos on youtube. After learning all I could from such tutorials, I managed to write and self-publish my first book in 2020. My genre of choice is non-fiction, self-transformation, and family relationships. The first book published in 2020 did not do so well. There wasn’t any personal storytelling in it, and I had no idea how to market my book. Since sales weren’t that good, I discontinued the book even though I did sell a few here and there.

The morning sun illuminated the living room and suggested that it would be a great day. Not only did the clock’s ticking sound fill the room, but the humming sound of the running air conditioner also occupied the space. In that relaxed stillness, important decisions can happen with clarity. With the laptop open and your cursor hovering over the delete button, you click on it with ease and satisfaction. Once you click that button, you gain confidence that a new beginning is about to happen.

It was an incredible feeling to discontinue my book and start over. After I hit that delete button, I decided it was time for a personal update. The update included taking some courses as I reflected on my writing style. The truth was that when I first wrote my book, I was afraid to share personal stories. Plus, I sacrificed my artistic talent in storytelling. Yes, non-fiction authors must be able to craft their writing talent through storytelling. Unfortunately, I left that out of the first book because I tried too hard to make it sound like a term paper for college. In my younger years, I wrote in storytelling form while in college. So, why did I try too hard to make my first book sound like a term paper? Unless you’re a college teacher, you might’ve been impressed with it, but since college teachers were not my target audience, it wouldn’t appeal to the ideal reader I was writing for in my genre. I’m glad I discontinued my first book.

I am writing a book that will be part of an upcoming series. These books will focus on self-transformation after dealing with complex family issues that lead to disconnection and division. Emphasis will be on moving forward with your life after experiencing disconnection or when others choose not to communicate with you anymore. The series will motivate you to see yourself in a different and positive light. These books will cause you to laugh, cry and captivate you to the very end. I promise to share personal experiences with creative storytelling that you will enjoy and be delighted to read.

What did you update in your life recently that you started over? How has time played a part in your personal update? Please leave a comment because I enjoy learning about you and your journey.

How To Search For Albert Icestein

The funny thing about my name is that when you try to google my name Albert Icestein with no surprise, the infamous Albert Einstein, the greatest genius and most notable equation E=MC2, dominates the search engine. Einstein, whom I respectfully take an astounding and astronomical backseat to in any search engine because of his brilliance and fame to which I could never hold a candle to or ever think I am intelligent as he is in comparison, is duly noted. I could never outshine such a magnificent mind, nor would I attempt to.

In my younger years, I immensely enjoyed gangsta rap music from the late 80s and 90s. As a young amateur rap lyricist, I tried to find the right stage name to build my rap persona because my dream was to be a well-noted rap artist with a meaningful name. In 2014, I wanted to come up with a pen name as an author, so I could suggest some creative intelligence and stand out from others as a writer. I hoped to make my name mean something without looking like a comedic parody of Albert Einstein.

Even before 2014, but in early 2000, I asked my ex-girlfriend, when we were together, what would you get if you crossed gangsta rapper and actor Ice T with Albert Einstein. No offense to anyone, but her reply was, “One pissed-off genius.” That wasn’t what I was hoping for because, in my mind, I was thinking of Albert Icestein.

Over the years, I hadn’t thought much more of that name until later, when I started learning what I needed about self-publishing because I wanted to become an author. When I googled the name for business purposes, I discovered that no one was using Albert Icestein as a business entity. So, the best thing to do was to start using it so I wouldn’t lose it and could build an online presence through my website and social media platforms.

Searching for my name now is difficult because Albert Einstein takes precedent over my name, which I’m okay with, plus I have no choice. I discovered, however, that if one were to google my name but did not put a space between the two words, then magic happens. For example, I tend to dominate the search pages. Instead of typing in Albert Icestein, try typing in alberticestein, and ta-da.

Suggesting how to search for me on the internet was just a creative tidbit or fun fact about me that I wanted to share with you, the reader. Thanks for reading!!


Cut Off By Those Who Love

From the murder of George Floyd to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse and to the worldwide protests regarding masks and vaccinations it’s definitely apparent that people of the world are dangerously divided. The reason is that people want to be right! Some people would rather kill others than to be wrong. Murdering others isn’t limited to shooting others with assault rifles or pressing ones knee  into someone’s throat then claiming self-defense or killing others by refusing to wear masks or foregoing vaccinations in the face of being and having rights! Is protecting one’s rights and the need to be right now an act of self-defense?
The whole world is currently distracted and stirred by so much confusion and are driven by the necessity to be right and to protect their rights that other people’s lives no longer matter to them. They don’t even care about the lives of their own family. One don’t need an assault weapon to kill someone they love because to them love is their lethal weapon. Since love is more powerful than any made man weapon it can either create life or destroy it. For the most part it looks like weaponizing love in the form of abuse is the foundation that so many wish to protect because the believe they’re right. 
How can love be used as a weapon to murder family and friends? The tactic is simple, “I’ll love you when you’re good and I won’t love you when you’re bad.” In other words those that suffer from abuse often find themselves being alienated and isolated by their family. When people might face abandonment with the possibility of being cut off by those who love them, they will feel judged and condemned. Their loved ones will look past their poor attitudes and harmful behaviors that contributed to their conflicts. They will also believe that they haven’t done anything wrong. Abandonment can cause so much pain that it could lead someone to lose their will to live. They could possibly shut down and stop trying to lead a healthy productive life or they could hurt themselves by ending it altogether. Abandonment is cutting someone off from receiving love. Denying love is how love becomes a lethal weapon. Abandonment is an outward expression that demonstrates that one does not care if their loved one lives or dies. Abandonment also indicates the message that, “I’m right and you’re wrong.” 
In my book, “Leaving Loneliness Behind: The Essential Guide That Encourages You That Your Life Is Not a Mistake. Find Your Destiny and Purpose By Overcoming The Suicide Spirit“, I take abandonment deeper by sharing that whatever is true on the inside is also true on the outside and vice versa. It is a reflection of what is happening in a person’s life. This idea also connects to the the need to be right and killing others to protect that right while hiding behind the claim that it’s self-defense. So in other words how people hurt others in the streets it’s also how they hurt each other at home. What’s true on the inside is true on the outside.
People don’t love each other. After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted instead of showing remorse that he killed two people all he said was “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal. And I believe they came to the correct verdict and I’m glad that everything went well….”